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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Chakrata Pincode / Post Office Search (DEHRADUN, Uttarakhand)

Badho B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Baila B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Barwa B.O 248197ChakrataUttarakhand
Bhandrauli B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Bijau B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Birmau B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Birnad B.O 248199ChakrataUttarakhand
Bullard B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Chakrata S.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Chhibroo B.O 248159ChakrataUttarakhand
Dassau B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Datnu B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Dawla B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Dessau B.O 248165ChakrataUttarakhand
Dimau B.O 248165ChakrataUttarakhand
Dungiara B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Gadsar B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Gangroo B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Ghanta B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Haripur B.O 248159ChakrataUttarakhand
Haza B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Jaddi B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Jissau B.O 248165ChakrataUttarakhand
Jogio B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Kailana S.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Kalsi S.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Kamla B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Kandoi B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Kandoli Bharam B.O 248199ChakrataUttarakhand
Khabau B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Khadar B.O 248159ChakrataUttarakhand
Khamrauli B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Kharora B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Kharsi B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Korwa B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Kota B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Kothi B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Koti B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Koti S.O 248165ChakrataUttarakhand
Kunawa B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Kunna B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Kuwanoo B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Kyari B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Lakhamandal B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Lakhwar B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Laksyar B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Lohari B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Lorli B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Ludhera B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Marlau B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Masak B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Matiyawa B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Mindal B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Mundhan B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Mundhol B.O 248199ChakrataUttarakhand
Myunda B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Nada B.O 248124ChakrataUttarakhand
Nagau B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Nagthat B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Naraya B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Sainj B.O 248165ChakrataUttarakhand
Samalta B.O 248196ChakrataUttarakhand
Sujau B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Thaina B.O 248158ChakrataUttarakhand
Tuini S.O 248199ChakrataUttarakhand
Tungra B.O 248123ChakrataUttarakhand
Ubhreau B.O 248165ChakrataUttarakhand

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